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April 2009

norton P electric resurrected

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I recently had the chance to knock heads with the elusive Norton P, fresh from his travels about and around the Orient; the sheer will within his outstreched palm was enough to draw me away from the confines of this reality.

Ashaka dawg

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a glimpse into the glamorous world of my dog, who stayed motionless on a 2 foot platform as long as I held a treat in front of the lens….


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jeff parise the ever presence, invokes the spirit of a long dead sorceror with an enormous penis in order to further the cause of Czarist russia. he then proceeded to cut his own hair and beard for a follow up headshot, so not only can he act, he’s a shoe in for the supercuts franchise

drewbird lends the head flair

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the long overdue beauty shoot featuring shannon and amy donning the majestic creations of drewbird; Rhee and daven furthered the delight that was this experience, enhancing the macabre aesthetic.

scar explores her sir side

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all kinds of people populate the hollywood cemetary not the least of which is this mustachio’ed minx; apparently she grows and cultivates rhinestones in nebulous Topanga caverns with which to adorn her upper lips and like areas..