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September 2009

Step in time!

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This is an impromptu from my last shoot in LA, as I am now wuthering the hedgerows of jolly England for the next few months.  Notice the strident moustachios, capably, earnestly supported by the dapper braces and half wainscotting of duds Heathen, my faultless five and diamond obsession.

The Vex on up

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Sometimes we need nude black and white images of ladies in helmets to remind us of what love looks like.  The fact that its only been a day since she left for Edinburgh, and I’m already pining away alone in our little room above Clapham Commom, must mean that either I’m a pruned sap, or possessed of an awful short term memory.


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Skin is the first experiment in pretty pretty versus portrait…theres a book here somewhere, but I don’t have the energy and latex feels like wearing wet cabbages on you, I know because I had to wear a shirt once for a fashion show. 

michel berandi

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If dylan monroe was any better looking, I’d send a search party out looking for his humanity.  He hurts your eyes less if you squint, but that gives you wrinkles, and then a day will come when you blame dylan for your unattractive crows feet, and he doesn’t need that pressure.