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October 2009

Look, its Mona

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My favorite view of the Mona Lisa was of all the people queuing to take her picture, often with a flash despite her being glassed off; the reason being at least 90% of these art lovers actually walked away after their photo…without looking at the fucking painting!  At least their camera phone got to see the world’s most famous portrait.  And yes, I took this with my camera phone

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St Margarets built in 1150 and still serving haggis milkshakes after all this time

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A glittering attempt to capture us contained within the panorama of Scotslandia

Edinburgh Castle

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A picturesque view from the monument of the sheer stupendous glory and sass that be edinburgh.  I limped up 200 fucking stairs, so appreciate.  They have a Cafe Nero just off the right in an alley, for those making a similar pilgrimage, and this one provides a magic card, that when stamped 9 times, manifests a free mug of coffee.

The Scott Monument

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One is able to climb the mightily narrow staircases up to the top of this gothic sensation, and succumb to a panoramic view of the city.  Better than haggis.

Raylin’s view

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We stayed at Skin, the fab pink lustered model who graces the wanks of the rich and famous, due largely to her spread in Bizarre.  I am still reverse jet lagged, so this view is basically what I saw every morning at 7am.  The city is a darling, so finite, so utterly crossable!  You can climb something high and see right where it gets eaten up by pasture on most every side.  Not nibbled mind you, thoroughly consumed!  I think perhaps 3 years of LA’s sprawl invites a sheer and gratifying pleasure beholding a modest city comfortable with its own proportions. 


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london st pancras station, waiting for my silver streak to Edinburgh.  This trip incited a dear feeling in my cockles for the english sheep.  They looked like tiny snowflakes, scattered by the shadow of the oncoming train.

first day fingers

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Vex refuses to pose for me, so we decided to turn out digits into dinosaurs, and let them battle it out before the view out my window, in verdant Clapham Common.  Mine was a carnevorous brontosoreass, thats a joke to remind myself that I’m vulgar and american despite my current living circumstances, ancestry, and accidental charm.