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December 2009

Culture Shock Oct 11th

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Sooo, apparently it is not only ok for children rounding the age of 6 to urinate in public, making utter spectacles of themselves, but tis also acceptable, nay expected, that their parent take an active role in holding, shaking and dabbing.  Never have I felt so titanic a wave of culture shock, or put away my camera so hastily. 

Guilty Pleasures, Oct 10

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There is one peculiar thing missing from the streets of Paris; coffee shops.  I’m in a fucking starbucks in Paris because after a one hour walk, I’d been unable to locate the quotidian mélange of espresso and pastries.  At least English is spoken, albeit tentatively, as last night I cunning attempted my pizzeria order in French and ended down 35 euros and up 2 extra pies.  Apparently coke is a type of pizza here, involving chicken and a manner of pepper…I ordered 2.

2 days in paris

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OCT9th-My first brilliant experience after removing myself from the eurostar is the dulcet singing voice of the french train announcements, it just made me feel so at home in their station.  Which explains why it takes me an hour to actually exit the place, what with a distinctly foreign aspect to the signage and trouble finding a luggage locker.  The coiffed spaniel riding up the escalator with her master greets me as I take my leave, and I realize I don’t believe ever having seen a dog on an escalator before, but it does have a ring to it.  The corner bakeries are populated with baskets of conspicuously French bread. Obscure French words for search, thing, without, rise like ramparts from the fog of war, but do little to assist in the purchase of cheese.  Better to have remembered the French for smoked, or cheddar; ended up with neither, just a wedge of something soft and smelling of moist earth, that spread proudly over heel of a baguette.

Mist of Avalon

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Paris is the city of ancient and obese doors that take two to open, and yes the Tower does in fact take your breath away the moment you see it.  I see it first materialize out of mist above the heads of the barely clad models I’m shooting in the Place de Concorde, so its really a 2-fer. 

I, the celeb

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We manage to generate a tail for this photographic comet, as upwards of 15 people begin to shamelessly follow us, shooting with whatever gizmos they have on hand.  even attracted my first ever papparazzi, who clearly is the first to intuit the fame I have yet to achieve…

19th – A moment in Clapham

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19th-This trip is shaking pieces off me, moving the inert dust.  Not a massive upheaval, but something subtle, like a process or meditation.  And I want to help it, this chemistry, I want to limber up the bones and brain  beneath the dust, and soften the soil for the plough.  Did someone put a canoe in my trousers?

oct 13th-Cobbly Provins

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Don’t go to provins with luggage, all hills and cobblestones, no lockers in the station.  But it does boast a thousand year history, protected by a great network of battlements you can actually explore unsupervised.  As in you can jump on them!  And climb and hurdle, not that I did, I was respectful.

14th- Onward to Barbe

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Arrive at the glorious villa of David bereguard’s ancestors, had a wonderful dinner with the family of jean-marc, slept 12 hrs then bicycled through village to l’auberge de cygnet for lunch, slept on a matress in the sun then went for a walk in blackness after sex.  Followed by cards and Camembert in our massive living room.  I heart villas.