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February 2010

oct 22nd glasgow

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what if it were possible, particularly during adventurous and exploratory periods, to mindfully switch from passive to active enjoyment?  Thrill?  Spending a brief conrner of our day with grant and Kristan, I’d never thought to hear such descriptive eloquence illustrating the position of the largest nuclear deterrant both in relation to grant’s country residence and past experience, a quick quantum equation explaining space and time coordinates of scotch submarines with grant as it’s constant.

oct 21st glasgow

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Word to the wise: from a photograpically demented standpoint, skip the big , impressive museums and beeline for the oddest, the smallest and most out of the way antiquity joints available.  Kristan Morrison took us along a Glasgow byway to the transport museum, a daft warehouse full of disused tramcars and plastic horses, as well as the immaculate facades of a high street from the 1920s, complete with cars and window displays.  I could make long and handy stories using these as a backdrop.

oct 26th magna carta

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spent the afternoon roaming around a small museum within the British library, containing among other things, the original magna carta.  It is emboldening to see a handwritten poem by Sylvia Plath and others, literary immortals that in fact, crossed out whole lines of their poems, adding and eradicating words throughout.  We were all once only human, deified by the printing press and, ultimately, the spell check.

oct 20th, newcaste

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I woke in the child’s room that my lover had grown in, hidden in a ring of books and faeries.  And crept down to breakfast, the sky through the window hanging low and grey, like a funeral veil.  I remember what it was about her, beyond her obvious beauty, that drew and turned me.  Grace of movement.  She moves like that only when no ones looking, or when it’s dark.