8th- Acid, anyone?

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we wake at a balmy 4:30am in order to make our flight to Barcelona only to find the train cancelled when we reach the station.  Luckily, we easily pick out a few more victims and share a taxi over, together with a garrelous last minute additive to our entourage; a drunken young man paying a surprise visit to his brother, at 8am...fingers crossed.  Arriving in Barcelona without further issue we manage the route to the decidedly lovely apartment of christianes friend bibian, ogle her vast army of collectibles, and, valuables stowed in our most unreachable areas, stomp off to explore.  The parque guiell is only 15 minutes walk, and I feel a sensation akin to first seeing the eifell tower as we reach the summit of a side street and turn into the vista of gaudis dripping, undulating and impossible architecture.

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