9th-Sagrada Galinha

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up at 8:30am, and ready to take guille by photogenic storm, I rage sleepily to the tune of a rumbling belly.  Getting back early didn't help, vast and utter are my fellow tourists.  We walk onward through a beautiful hospital complex by gaudi, assaulted by the sheer precipitous enormity of sagrada familia, just visible through a giant arch.  The scope of this edifice is impossible to grasp, 120 years worth of construction and a further 15 years at least before completion.  The interior, albeit imposing, did feel a bit like paying 11 euros to see a building site.  Half finished should mean half price, right?  Christiane insisting on food beneath the sagrada, the closest being a kfc... Her unholy influence on me prevails.  It's a wonderfully dust bitten windy city to wander through...

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