NOV 1st-Mcgliss revisited

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we awoke to the inevitability of sam a-cooking, make that much more intense by the fact that the three of us are attempting to start a fire American Indian style, by excitably grinding our legs together.  Lovely lunch with mr Von bock, a great friend from central American ages past, chatting on largely anecdotally about the past 3 years we'd not seen one another.  I have been a somewhat healthy eater during this trip - it seemed like germany with it's less than stellar sausage, soda shops and ultrapasturized milk that needed not the crutch of refrigeration - was a perfect opportunity.  I fall off the wagon spectacularly into the waiting arms of a bk double bacon burger that sits in my stomach like a renunciant Buddha for the remaider of Berlin.  We get a budget 8 euro train ticket back to hamburg that extends the usual 90 minute trip to just over 5 hours of scenic darkness, arriving rainsodden and just minutes late for the last tube.  15 euros flayed from our irregilious posteriors and we arrive at the aparment for a late night, heavily be-pillowed game of who's on my face?

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Who's on my face is only half the game. You forgot the "what's in my mouth" part.

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