march 10th

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the hostel, practically underneath the lean, gets top marks for nice, especially considering the 18 euro tab; just checked the bank balance and the hotel Doria in lerici ended up running 570 bucks for 3 days, pretty sure I'll be good with lower budget digs from here on's grim up north, though. Definitely need to reprise at least part of this trip in less inclement weather. Visits to the museum dell'opera and the baptistry beneath the tower, the latter having demonstrably the most stunning acoustics I've ever heard. The museum was a bit lackluster, housing bit that fell off the cathedral, but they did have a small section of roman and Etruscan antiquities which make me happy. A long stroll along the river, until we find an ancient ruin converted to a playground containing a most feudal, towering spinning merrygoround, the best ever beheld. Much dizziness ensues, especially as I hold true to hugging the apex of the centrifugal force; the bar spanning the circumference of the beast. I almost hope to get thrown from my steed, lunch almost gets thrown from my guts. Lunch was a rather soupy lasagna at a tourist trap. I'm not proud to have patronized the place, but will be even less so should it geyser all over the pretty jungle gym.

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