March 3rd

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we sleep past the first bus to narni, emerging unto a countryside wreathed in mist. The bus is balls deep in grannies. Our shoot is inside La Rocca, a restored fortess above Narni, closed to the public, but Germano, beyond being quite the racecar driver, also has castle connections. He runs the medieval festival in Narni and comes equipped with armfuls of rennaisance costumery, swords and a plumed helmet. We embark on one of the stranger shoots in my experience, roaming the halls in voluminous velvet, doing my best with the near nonexistent light. Unfortunately; the restoration takes a distinctly utilitarian turn, most of the rooms are white stucco and come prepared with modern windows and gas heaters, with big overt halogen sconces. I will definitely have some ageing to accomplish in the Photoshop. Christiane pleads desperately for the chance to bare herself and wear the helmet. We decide to leave our further trip to Amelia for the morrow, and return to the farm with a bellyful of pizza and croquettes. The markedly improved weather this afternoon obviously prompts me to shoot christiane in the nude. On the roof.

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