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May 2008

kumiMonster hears a Who

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this is the first image from a series featuring Kumi and Ulorin in london. I’d been shooting for 8 hours at the White Womb, but somehow witnessing the scantily clad kumis and vexes woke me right up. Tony’s light and stormy cocktails didn’t hurt much either…..fancy hair and makeup sizzle courtesy of the greats Robert Masciave and Bea Sweet, and Olga made sure the silly factor was almost on par with the sexy factor; almost!

backstage london

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a glimpse into my recent trip to the UK, courtesy of Kumi’s phone. I was blessed to have the opportunity to shoot overseas for the first time, at the White Womb studio in London.

medeez nuts

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this my friend Medina, she is nice, a very premium dancer and can actually wink using either eye, but I am exceptionally beloved of the right. She also makes clothings that are first rate style, and is incredibly tall for a non-lesbian

Ulorin Vex I am

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Ulorin was gracious to drive to london from far away in order to shoot with me. I think mostly because she intended to steal Robert’s hair pieces and elope with them to Cocomo, but I’ve been wrong before.

metalshop kumi

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I was fortunate to shoot in an incredible metal working studio by Joe, the resident maestro, and Rachel, the wardrobe stylist and a reincarnated WWII paratrooper. If you plan on a jaunt to burning man this year, you will get to see some of joe’s masterful pieces in action. Hair and make up by christian and bea, hotness courtesy of kumi, nell and kate.

metalshop nell

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Anyone clever enough to meet Nell face to face should insist she stick her tongue out as far as possible, photograph it, and send me the images. Please!


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One from a promo shoot for Salvage clothing, featuring Aaron, the drummer from Prong. The remainder of the images are top secret for now, as they depict unreleased scenes of carnal t-shirt chaopathy that cannot see the light of day. I.E. no one’s seen the designs, and yes, thats a made up word. For those of you who care deeply, I also shot the cover art for Prongs most recent CD, which I don’t have yet….hopefully its really disgustingly goodlooking, like the drummer Aaron.

power couple

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the 2 faces of my great sage and friend Erin, and her Janus faced anti-hipster, Weston, who is so cool, he had to face away from the camera lest I became over infatuated with his oh so bloggable face. I think if they have a boy baby together, he’d look just like the infant version of keifer sutherland. My camera and I will bear witness should this singularity occur.

metalshop kate

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kate, keep your boobs to yourself, you showoff. Albeit a wonderful model and designer, Kate cannot help but flaunt her chesty bits, insisting to all and sundry that they admit to her boob supremacy and kowtow before them. If I had a pound sterling for every time she mentioned them things, what with the currency exchange and US interest rates at an all time low, I have, like, 4 dollars.